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(773) 787-5501

MOL-TEN is a custom metal wears company. We make #heavyshit. 


custom metal wears

heavy shit 


Wanna loose a tooth, keep talking...

I realized pretty early on that I would never pull in the kind of cash one needs to obtain certain things that pull on the visual heart strings. That’s really how this entire thing started. I liked fat ass rings and all good fat ass rings cost a shit ton. I figured well, time to figure out how to make these things. A few years of classes, several directional changes and a good solid robbery later I find out what I wanted to make for myself and for the world.

I make rings that are more art installation on your hands than jewelry. MOL-TEN rings are senselessly heavier than anything thing one should ever wear. How perfect. If you can’t type or throw a punch with 110 oz.’s of a metal alloy on your hands I’d say move along.