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MOL-TEN is a custom metal wears company. We make #heavyshit. 


About Mol-ten

Inspiration, Materials and Process


Each MOL-TEN ring is made with long hours, many fuck ups, hand carved, hand casted and produced with a shit ton of love. All of this pours out of the The Windy City of Chicago. From time to time I’ll crank out some other wears, a necklace, some bracelets or even a pair of earrings. For the better part, however I stick to adorning the fingers.


I can still remember my first gum ball machine ring from the local Giant Eagle. I was probably six and it was a Saturday afternoon. I was being handsomely rewarded for being a well behaved youngster during an exhausting trip of being dragged from isle to isle. The ring itself was gold toned with a red plastic pronged “stone” and an adjustable band. I loved this ring. It made me feel so fancy. Fancy up until the part when it inevitably fall apart.

Since then I have been buying rings that were made of silver, gold, plastic, aluminum, motorcycle parts….pretty much anything and everything. The favorites were always the more massive ones.

Running into larger and more stunning rings came with larger price tags and that was just not going to happen for me. So I thought...why not make my own? And so I did. A few years of experimenting, lots of wrong turns and one robbery that forced me to starting over - I finally found my true direction.

I make rings that are heavy. Not like kinda heavy, but ridiculously, unnecessarily heavy heavy. They are stunning show pieces. A mix of art installation married into jewelry. Everyone kept saying “you should just hollow them out, that will make them much lighter”. I never listened. Most rings these days are about 2-5 grams of metal. My rings on an average range from about 95-105 grams of metal. So like the the hashtag suggest…#heavyshit.

I make….stunningly heavy shit.

Materials and Process

For the most part my process starts with inspiration. I find history books and nature to supply me with endless inspiration. From pencils I move into jewelers wax. Each ring is hand carved through many hours of tooling, cutting and sanding.

As MOL-TEN grows and shifts in the future I will make additional pieces that are not carved from wax, but right now wax is king. The wax is then set in investment and casted. The casting is done in bronze, with hopes to expand into other alloys in the near future.

Custom orders are always welcomed!